This is the homepage for the Visual Novel Fan-Listing, or VNFL for short. Are you a fan of Clannad or Full Metal Daemon Muramasa? Can't put down Nitro+CHiRAL games? Sobbing over Hatoful Boyfriend? Grew up playing Danganronpa or Ace Attorney? Maybe you're just really into text-heavy indie games made in Ren'py? Or maybe you're looking to find people with a similar interest in visual novels? It doesn't matter, because we have a place for you!

Visual novel creators are also encouraged to join! We'd love to have you here.


1.) You must be a fan of visual novels, but this is probably a no-brainer.

2.) You must have a personal website. Due to the ephemeral nature of Tumblr and Twitter, I don't feel comfortable putting down links to them and risk having them break due to a username change. It's less common for people to change website names, and so it's just easier like that.

3.) You must not be a chud or a bigot. You already have r/visualnovels, go there instead. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and the like will not be tolerated.

4.) Admin reserves the right to add more rules or reject people as needed.


Send your application here, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!